Here is an example how to use one of our products ApexCount People QR Code Feedback together with Restaurants or Bars contactless digital menu.

How to make contactless Customer Feedback?
1. Order our product here:
2. With our cloud configurator, you will create feedback form.
3. There You will get URL of your feedback form, and QR code.
4. Make poster design with LOGO, text “Rate Our Food and Service” and feedback form QR code.
With our form you can get feedback about: Food, Service, Employees, NPS score, get text answers and so on.

Feedback with QR code side

How it looks on client device scanned feedback form:

How to make contactless Digital Menu?
To generate Digital Menu QR code, you have to have it published online. Menu can be published in your website, your facebook page or in other website uploaded as a digital document. You take that URL and generate from it QR code. In google search you can find many websites that generate QR codes, just search QR Code generator.
What to put on poster:
text “Scan with phone camera this code”
and QR code directing to your menu on web.

You can also ask any marketing agency to make such posters for you.

How to read QR code?
Just direct your phone camera to QR code and it will automatically show your URL. Click and you are there.

Digital Menu with QR code side