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Simple, Easy to install and maintain system
to manage customers at your location

No expensive hardware, No training needed!

Organize Queues Simply

Setup and manage system from WEB browser
Use any TABLET with WEB browser for Client registration
Service your customers from any device with WEB browser
Any TV with WEB browser to show QUEUE
Cloud based

Enhance Customer Experience.

With our PEOPLE QMS your customers will be serviced and informed the right way.
They will know the process how you serve them and will keep calm.

Understand Your Services.

Are there enough staff in the store?
Are they really doing their best to service your clients?
Which services are busiests?
How long does it take to service your clients?

Get full data about staff performance and make rational decisions!

All in one system to manage customers

1. QMS TV with web browser to show QUEUE (Purchased Additionally)
2. QMS Terminal - Tablet / Interactive Kiosk for a customer to input Name and select
service (Purchased Additionally). Or Ticket station with printer to print your QUEUE
3. QMS Mini display or printed SIGN to show service number/name (Purchased Additionally)
4. People QMS CLOUD system to manage and service customers


QMS TV with web browser to show QUEUE

Various display information templates
Advertising display
A web browser is required to display the information
The information can be displayed in different languages
Queue information can be displayed:
On the professional screen via the integrated WEB browser
Professional screen with WEB browser
On a computer connected to a TV screen via HDMI
On a special Brightsign player connected to a TV screen via HDMI

QMS Terminal to register for services

The queue can be occupied by entering the name and selecting the service or ability to connect a printer and print queue tickets
Registration with QR code
Works in iOS or Android or Windows environments via a web browser
Possibility to have (additional services menu)
The menu is available in different languages

Sign or Display with a workplace number or name to serve

1. A professional screen can be used to display the workplace number and information, it will flash when a customer is called
2. Printed number on paper or on a sign

Registration with QR code

You can register to queue by scanning the QR code with a phone camera
You can print it and stick it / place it in different places in the room. This way, the customer does not have to go to the terminal.

Cloud management system

Easy to manage system.
Manage all QMS settings from the cloud, it updates automatically.
Upload marketing content to show on TV screens.
Have analytics of your employees work and serviced customers.
Service customers on any phone, tablet or computer.


QUEUE Live view on customers phone

Your customers can walk or sit freely and watch live QUEUE on their phone.
They just scan QR Code with live view link and that's it.

Priority QUEUE

You can setup Priority QUEUE for particular services.
Your employees will see on top of QUEUE list priority customers and marked in bold.

Register Customer without QUEUE

Your employees can register and service customers without them registering at terminal.
From internal management system just press + sign and add customer without QUEUE.
You can track statistics of all serviced clients, even those who didn't register on terminal.



  • ApexCount People QMS license per month
  • 59.99
    per 1 month
  • 1 month subscription (* year commitment)
  • Cloud license
  • New Product features and versions updates included
  • Online support included
  • Price for 1 Shop / Location
  • ApexCount People QMS license 1 year
  • 599.99
    per 1 year
  • 1 year subscription
  • Cloud license
  • New Product features and versions updates included
  • Online support included
  • Price for 1 Shop / Location


Get free app to test for 14 days
You will receive as well logins to our cloud to see analytics online.